Women's Health Medicine is an expanding and diverse field of practice. It encompasses the timely provision of sexual and reproductive care, pre-pregnancy and pregnancy care as well as the management of female-specific conditions. Increasing numbers of medical practitioners are developing special interests in this area – particularly GPs, family planning practitioners and generalist gynaecologists. Specialisations are also emerging in this field among nursing and allied health professionals and biological scientists. The Master of Women's Health Medicine will provide you with the advanced knowledge and understanding of the ethical, social and professional aspects required to deliver a high standard of clinical care. Courses within this degree have been developed to provide an evidence-based and practice-centred approach to this field of study.

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Why choose this degree?

This program offers specialised knowledge in an important area of clinical and allied care and tutors for each course are acknowledged leaders in their field; it is conducted entirely online and allows busy professionals to integrate their learning with the demands of their career and families. The degree offers a wide range of courses which allow students to choose those which most fit their individual needs.

Who should choose this degree?

This degree will attract those with a qualification or professional background in medicine, nursing, health or medical science who wish to consolidate and expand their knowledge in the field of women's health.

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Career opportunities

  • This program seeks to increase knowledge and expertise within an existing career choice

Entry requirements

The minimum entry requirement will be an undergraduate degree in medicine, nursing or health science and:

a Bachelor Honours Degree, Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma or Higher Qualification; or commencement or completion of a recognised Medicine postgraduate vocational training program; or *1 years relevant postgraduate professional experience in medicine, nursing or health science. How to Apply

Applications can be made online at https://applyonline.unsw.edu.au/login. The following information should be attached to the application form:

Your Curriculum Vitae Employer-provided statements of service *Originals or certified copies of your academic record and proof of completion of previous degree

How to apply

Applications must be submitted through our Apply Online portal. We encourage you to submit your completed application as early as possible to ensure it will be processed in time for your preferred term. Some high-demand programs and Faculties with limited places may have an earlier application deadline or commencement date. Find out more.

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