Reproductive medicine is at the forefront of emerging medico-scientific technology, offering hope to many people trying to have a child. Increasing numbers of medical practitioners are developing special interests in this area – particularly GPs, family planning practitioners and specialist gynaecologists working in menopause and infertility. Similar specialisations are also emerging in nursing and counselling, and among biological scientists. The Graduate Certificate in Reproductive Medicine will give you detailed foundational knowledge in reproductive medicine and the ability to deliver a high standard of clinical care to patients.

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Why choose this degree?

If you’re interested in helping people who are seeking reproductive assistance, this program will open rewarding career opportunities.

Who should choose this degree?

This program is ideal if you want to develop specialised knowledge of reproductive medicine with a view to finding employment in this expanding field.

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Career opportunities

  • Develop high profiles in the infertility area

Entry requirements

The entry requirement for the programs above is an undergraduate degree in medicine, nursing, health or medical science and:

an Honours, Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma or higher qualification in medicine, nursing or health or medical science; or commencement of a recognised postgraduate medical specialist training program (e.g. general practice, obstetrics & gynaecology); or *1 year full-time equivalent of postgraduate professional experience in medicine, nursing, health or medical science How to Apply

Applications can be made online at https://applyonline.unsw.edu.au/login The following information should be attached to the application form:

Your Curriculum Vitae Employer-provided statements of service *Originals or certified copies of your academic record and proof of completion of previous degree

How to apply

Applications must be submitted through our Apply Online portal. We encourage you to submit your completed application as early as possible to ensure it will be processed in time for your preferred term. Some high-demand programs and Faculties with limited places may have an earlier application deadline or commencement date. Find out more.

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