UNSW Graduate Certificate in Child Development gives professionals from non-Psychology backgrounds specialised skills to apply psychological principles to their work with children. If you work in education, nursing, juvenile justice, social work or any other field involved with young people, this program will give you a highly-valued suite of psychological skills.

The Graduate Certificate in Child Development is a unique offer in Australia. Delivered entirely online, it will equip you to apply an evidence-based approach to your work with children. You will gain an understanding of typical - compared to atypical - child development; age-appropriate capabilities and performance expectations; factors that influence attention, learning, and memory; the development, management and treatment of common childhood disorders; and factors that promote well-being and resilience.

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Why choose this degree?

Choose this program to enhance your skills when working with children and set you ahead in your field.

Who should choose this degree?

This degree is suitable for professionals including teachers, social workers, nurses and the many roles found in the Education, Health, Allied Health, and Child and Family Services industries.

Degree Structure

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Entry requirements

Students must hold�??an undergraduate bachelor degree in any discipline or a higher university qualification.�?? Minimum entrance requirements for admission to UNSW Sydney also apply.

How to apply

Applications must be submitted through our Apply Online portal. We encourage you to submit your completed application as early as possible to ensure it will be processed in time for your preferred term.



2021 Indicative First Year Fee

$23,400 *

* 2021 Indicative first year fee

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